Top 5 Ice Cleats for Boots

If you’ve ever slipped on the ice while ice fishing or doing any other outdoor activity, you know the feeling, but it’s never too late to get ice grippers for shoes and boots. Usually, footwear for ice fishing have particular soles for walking on ice, but most times those are not enough, you need ice traction slip-ons. Choosing the right ice cleats for shoes and boots is pretty difficult task, because all the ice cleat reviews assure the same, but usually fail. Some products get worse in quality, some unpopular ones get better, or new products beat them both.
Let’s dig in and see which are the best ice cleats for boots and shoes on Amazon.


First of all, you need to take a look at the customer reviews and rating. If product has 3 stars or less on online stores, you can move along right away, because you need to look for top rated ice cleats for boots and shoes. Quality products usually have 4 stars out of 5, and i would start checking every product that meets this criteria manually.

By this time, you need to have your goals : what do you need ice cleats for? Do you need them just for walking hundreds of meters every day for your work, running, or planning on going to ice fishing trip? You have to decide this because some ice cleats for boots are meant for outdoor activities such as ice fishing, climbing the mountain, during snowstorm and that kind of cleats are very effective, but noisy and somewhat uncomfortable. You need to know that those will scratch any hardwood, including your floor, if you go inside wearing them. While there are another type of products that are less damaging and more comfortable, but you can’t wear those in extremal conditions.

If you want to use ice cleats for your work, your choice is easy. You need to look for nice ice grips for shoes and boots, which have very high level of traction and are comfortable – you don’t want to hurt your knee, wrist or anything during your work. You need to make sure to pick ice grippers that fit for both – boots and shoes. Later in this article, we will review best ice cleats for walking. You need to do your work assured that nothing will happen.
If you want to keep your sports activities in the winter, you’ll need ice cleats for running. In this case, you need to focus to pick something really comfortable and effective – Those slip on ice cleats must not disturb you, or cause you to fall and break something. Picking such ice grippers for running shoes and sneakers won’t be easy, but you’re lucky you landed on this page. We’ve listed some best ice grippers for shoes in our article.

If you like to go outside in the extreme cold and ice fish, welcome to the club. Depending on what are you planning to wear, famous brands have some nice ice grippers for shoes and boots for people like us. But i would recommend wearing a boots with ice cleats on them, unless you’re planning to fish in snow or anything else but ice. When you’re planning to go ice fishing with boots and ice cleats on them, you need to make sure A. they’re comfortable B. they are durable C. you can rely on ice spikes for boots you’re wearing.

A. Usually ice fishers have to cover some decent long distances, and with uncomfortable ice grips for boots, you’re making your trips harder. You need to make sure you won’t even feel wearing ice grippers of yours. But you should not only target for comfort, but grip as well. You need to pick products loved by customers based on particular ice cleats for boots reviews.

B. To avoid going to unsuccessful ice fishing trip, you need to pick hard-boiled ice creepers for boots to make sure they don’t leave you in the middle of trip all by yourself. Well most ice fishing boots listed in my another article have great grip for walking on ice, but i would definitely make sure and wear good ice cleats for boots. You will need to read our ice cleats’ reviews very carefully to avoid something that will probably get rusty after a few trips. You don’t want to buy new pairs every month, do you? I will guess, NO. So decide carefully, do you need some junk for a cheap price or best ice cleats for ice fishing on market? . If you’re too lazy to follow all these steps, at least you’ll need to take a look at our comparison table.

C. As i mentioned above, you need to pick trusted and most reviewed products. To make sure you don’t make the wrong choice, potential buyer must carefully read customer reviews under that product, and look at it’s date to indicate it’s relevancy. I’ve seen plenty of products that were good at some point, but after a few years and stable sales, got dramatically worse. You need to be very careful while picking ice grippers for boots and shoes.

But if you are lazy enough to ignore researching yourself and trust us enough to do it for you, take a look at our best picks.



With a decent online rating of 4.8 / 5, these are one of the best ice spikes for boots if you are planning to go ice fishing or hike on the icy surface. Twelve 3/8 inch long stainless steel spikes makes these ideal for outdoor activities. If you are looking for ice traction slip-ons for just walking on slippery surfaces, you should look further. These can be unsuitable for every day wear – they make voices and are not as comfortable as other products in the same market. You can’t use these while driving as well and it’s highly recommended to avoid entering your home or any other buildings while wearing these, because they may cause huge damage on floors.


If you are looking for super flexible ice cleats for running, YakTrax Pro is definitely the way to go. These are Combination of superior traction and flexibility. Ice cleats for books and shoes are easy to install or remove, and have a great grip and traction on ice and packed snow. You can even drive a car or enter the house with proper security measures. And they are very lightweight and easy to pack in your backpack or your handbag. Even though these are the best shoe cleats for walking on ice or any other pedestrian activities, you should not reckon on these while climbing a slippery mountain or ice fishing.


If you work outside in the winter and walk slippery surfaces, you’ll need Stabilicers Lite as it is one of the best ice cleats for walking. Multi-directional and case hardened cleats offer unbeatable grip for walking and comfort. If you don’t want to wear these all the time, folding these is still an option. You can fit them to be kept in your pocket, and if you encounter ice or other slippery surface, get them out of the pocket and install on your boots or shoes. According to customer reviews, these are one of the easiest ice cleats for boots to install. Most of the reviews recommend ordering bigger size than you usually wear.


Being an advanced version of lite version, Heavy Duty Stabilicers are a quality, durable product for walking on slippery surfaces. Their grip is way better than the lite version, but they have drawbacks as well – they make noises, are slightly more difficult to put on, and can’t be folded, unlike the lite version. But if you just want enhanced grip for walking on ice, these will work like a charm. Heavy Duty Stabilicers have a great value for the money, because you are able to replace it’s cleats any time you want, so these will serve you for a long time.


Best Ice Cleats for Boots like this one are not cheap, but you always get what you pay for. With it’s gripping diamond heads, doesn’t matter the surface – light snow, packed snow, slippery ice or stairs – these will keep you from slipping. With it’s self-cleaning design, it prevents having snow buildups on your boots or shoes. And these traction cleats will stick with your footwear even in the subzero temperatures and won’t fall of in deep snow. Plenty of reviews state that IceTrekkers are best ice cleats for shoes and boots they’ve ever worn. Few negative reviews talk about these turning rusty after a few seasons, but usually, even in rusty conditions, these will work fine.

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