Gearing up For Ice Fishing

ice fishing is one of the most dreaded yet one of the most exciting winter sports. It can be a fabulous way to beat cabin fever and probably the best time to catch fish. However, preparation is extremely critical for the success of any ice-fishing expedition. One vital aspect of this is choosing the right gear. Understanding all the essential components of a fishing gear and selecting the best ice fishing gear to best meet your requirements can make all the difference between a pleasurable and a nightmarish experience. Getting prepared involves proper clothing, safety gear, the best ice fishing gear suitable for your fishing expedition and experienced guides for hassle-free ice-fishing.


This involves getting a complete head to toe protection from the cold bites and windy frosts faced during any ice-fishing expedition. A very good pair of boots to facilitate standing and walking on the ice, a plethora of hats, preferably of fur for both style and warmth, mittens and gloves-none should be omitted.

The next step is staying warm through layering of clothes which could be removed or added during activity to avoid sweating or worn when the cold bites are intolerable. Getting the best ice suits or separate insulated jackets, pants, bibs etc. especially designed for ice fishing are simply the most
ideal choice.


Venturing into ice can be dangerous as many can die of hypothermia and thus it is of utmost importance to arm yourself with gear that could possibly save your life. An ice-chisel or spud bar is the best tool for not only checking ice thickness but also for striking and evaluating the ice conditions. Commercial or homemade ice picks are a must. Worn around the neck or near the jacket sleeves, they are the best aid to help you haul yourself out of any hole of iced water. Ice creepers or ice cleats are absolutely terrific to keep you on your feet. Wearing a life jacket is a recommended precaution. It is a good idea for any angler to carry a long piece of rope, a map and compass so that he is prepared for any untoward situation.

Ice fishing Gear

Ice fishing simply cannot be done without the all-important fishing gear. They can either be bought individually or in full sets. Based on various ice fishing gear reviews and the pricing, it’s a wise decision to opt for individual equipment that best meet your requirements. It must be noted here that fishing for different types of fishes and the selected area’s weather conditions are the deciding factors in the selection of appropriate fishing gear. A fishing license, auger and skimmer to dig holes, an ice fishing rod of appropriate length, appropriate ice fishing reels which can be of either spinning reels, spin-casting reels, or bait-casting reel types; a rod holder, live bait,tip-up and ice fishing jigs and lures are some essential tool.Additionally, a tackle box is required to store various equipment like lures, flashers, GPS units, needle nose pliers, lake maps, flashlights or any other necessary items. Finally an ice-shack completes the gear.

Once you have got yourself geared up, the sole thing left is to get started on the trip and come back with loads of fishes and wonderful memories.

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