Top 3 Ice Fishing Shelters by Clam

Sometimes, you don’t need to do a deep research about any particular product, but you trust the brand and products they make. And sometimes, when product has a great rating and reviews, you can’t get yourself to buy it, because of being made by un-renowned brand. If you’ve ever searched for ice fishing gear on Amazon or other online stores, you probably know about the most famous brands on the market. In this article, i want to draw your attention to Clam. If you plan to go ice fishing, you probably know that shelters are one of the most important parts of ice fishing gear. And if you want to pick nice portable ice fishing shelter that will defend you from extreme wind, snow or other force majeures, you got to stick with the trusted brands, like Clam. This company has been producing loads of high quality and durable ice fishing shelters. And unlike many other brands, Clam specializes in ice fishing gear. Along with ice fishing shanties, they produce suits, chairs, spinning reels and other minor ice fishing accessories. And Below in this article, i’ve reviewed three Clam’s best rated ice fishing shelters.



If you’re on the market looking for spacey ice fishing shelter for affordable price, Clam XL2000 ice shanty might be perfect for you. With the flexible ice anchor straps and super-duty poles, this ice shanty is perfect for windy and snowy weather. And according to product official review, it’s fabric is twice as tough and sturdy as most of other products for this price. Large carry bag makes it easier to re-pack and install it elsewhere. And i haven’t tried it, but reviews say that it takes less than one minute to set this shelter up. Dimensions are another great thing about this shanty. Usually tall people have problem of fitting in ice shelter without bowing, but this ice shanty has plenty of height for people up to 7 foot. And talking about it’s dimensions, most of the customer reviews state, that this ice fishing shanty has the largest fishable area you can get for this amount of money. Dimensions are 7.5′ x 7.5′ , which means, most probably, it can accommodate three to five persons, depending on their size.


Jason Mitchell thermal ice shelter might be perfect for people who are sensitive to cold. This ice shanty comes with all the components you’ll need during your ice fishing trip in the cold as it’s full thermal with its heat retaining fabric and great warmth retention. In case wind comes up, you adjust the cords on the flanks, and it will hold up the strong winds. Capacity of this ice shanty can vary from four to six adult people, but as some reviews say, it can be perfect for ice fishing with your family including kids, as it will keep you warm even in very harsh cold conditions. Installing it can be as fast and simple as it gets, most customer reviews say that you’ll be amazed by it’s installation simplicity. Overall, with it’s nice carry bag, this ice shanty is very easy and convenient to use. Inside pockets might come handy for you as well. Sensible zippers are the only complaint people have about this shelter. You should be careful with those, or replace them and forget about this minor issue. To sum up, this clam hub style shelter is the best ice fishing shelter for the money right now.


Clam Nanook is the way to go for anyone who wants to own portable fish house with instant super easy set up and padded seats for your enhanced comfort. In view of it’s price, this ice fishing shelter is pretty basic and low profile, but sturdy and durable as advertised. After all, it’s not imported from cheaper countries, but made in U.S. This Clam can be perfect for 2 man to fish side by side, without any problems. It’s thermal design not only keeps warmth inside, but reduces condensation as well. This Clam 2 man ice shanty can be perfect for tall people to fish. It has a nice height for persons as tall as up to 6 foot and two front and rear entrances make it easier to enter or get out of it. Seats which come with this shelter are pretty comfortable, two normal guys could sit and ice fish on them very comfortably. To sum up, Clam Nanook Ice Shelter is obviously best buy for this price tag.

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