Best Ice Fishing Gloves in 2018

If you’re planning to go ice fishing, making sure your body and parts of it will be safe in extreme cold is the first thing to do. Limbs are the most important body parts to keep warm, as we need them for …. everything. Hands are very sensitive to freezing and cold, so choosing right ice fishing gloves is essential for successful ice fishing trip. Nice ice fishing gloves must keep your hand completely dry, and protect it from freezing. Although you need to make sure your pair will be dexterous – some of very thick extreme cold weather gloves will keep your hands super warm, but you won’t be able to handle other tasks. So, while picking ice fishing gloves, you should look for mix of comfortableness, dexterity and warmth.

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The last but aswell important characteristic you’ll need is durability. Most ice fishing experts buy high quality durable products and use them for several ice fishing seasons. You might come up with cheap gloves which seem good at the first glance, but think twice before paying.

How much do they cost?

The price of quality pair of ice fishing gloves can vary from twenty to few hundred dollars. That’s pretty big range, and for a reason – there are lots of factors that ultimately determine the price. One of the factors is the location where the gloves are manufactured. US-made products, in general, are much more expensive, and ice fishing is no exception. Some people claim that being made in U.S is the guarantor of product being high quality, but that’s not always the case. I’ve seen plenty of domestically-manufactured ice fishing gloves that are crappy. The cost also depends on materials used for manufacturing the said pair of gloves. Material is especially important when it comes to apparel, because you need something that is :

a. waterproof

b. warm

c. dexterous

i could go on about other qualities that ice fishing  gloves should have, but in my opinion, these three are most important. Long story short, materials that fit all these requirements are rarer and therefore costlier. That raises overall cost of gloves, more or less, depending on extremeness of cold weather that you need to be protected from. 

Things to keep in mind

Manufacturers usually give clear indications of just how much cold the gloves can withstand. Those limits are important, and you can find out about them either on labels or by reading individual reviews. It’s especially important when you’re out fishing in extremely cold places, like far north or Canada. One time, weather dipped below the level my gloves could handle and my fingers started freezing. Luckily, my friend had extremely warm mittens with him, so i was able to put them on and go on with my day. Don’t make the same mistake i did and just do a little bit of research about pair of fishing gloves before getting one. If that’s too much work, then always have one extra pair of heavy duty warm gloves with you wherever you go. Researching is also useful to find out which size to order if you’re shopping online. Sometimes gloves are a bit large or small for their size and the trouble of returning them is too much for some to handle. 

Except for being warm, good ice fishing gloves must also be waterproof. When ice fishing, you’re surrounded by water in all forms – solid, air and liquid – and exposing yourself to even small amounts of water can lead to bad injuries. All of the ice fishing gloves i’ve reviewed below are tested by myself and trusted reviewers to be waterproof. 

And last, but not least – flexibility. Ice fishing gloves must not be constricting, or else you don’t need them at all. Finding ice fishing glove that can have all three of the important qualities isn’t very hard.  On the other hand, there are also plenty of gloves that are super warm and waterproof, but not dexterous. Such  mittens are usually bulky and constricting. As i mentioned above, these are good as back-up options in case something’s wrong and your regular gloves aren’t capable of keeping your hands warm anymore. But for general use, they are useless, because for your ice fishing trip to be successful, you need all the dexterity you can get. 



Frabill FXE Performance Task Glove

One of the most popular hand wear among ice fishermen. Task Gloves are basically mix of everything you’ll need for basic ice fishing trips – they’re water and wind resistant, warm and comfortable to use. Frabills are dexterous enough to do basic ice fishing tasks, and being made of breathable technology, this pair will keep your hands fresh, warm and dry. With it’s nosewipe materials on the thumbs, you won’t need to take off your gloves for wiping nose anymore. Priced fairly affordable, these are obviously best ice fishing gloves for the money.

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Black Diamond Absolute Mitts Cold Weather Gloves

If you’re looking for best ice fishing gloves for extreme cold weather, look no further. According to customer reviews, these mittens keep your hands warm and dry even in the extreme cold weather. Usually customers use it for skiing and climbing mountains, but if you’re planning to go in polar regions or other real cold places, you should consider getting these as a backup gloves. While dexterity is not at its best, these mittens have several layers of insulation, which makes them best ice fishing gloves for people whose hands easily freeze.

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Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glovebest-ice-fishing-gloves

Extremely comfortable, nice fit glaciers will be perfect to use in the temperature below zero. You should use these as a casual pair of ice fishing gloves – as they’re very dexterous, comfortable and waterproof, but they won’t help in extreme cold weather. Because of that, you should carry one extra pair of thermal warm gloves, for special occasions. Priced the cheapest in this list, these are extremely effective in keeping your hands dry and warm. And agile enough for ice fishing. But i would not rely solely on these gloves.

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Hatch Winter Specialist All-Weather Glove

Made of Neoprene for extra comfort, warmth and flexibility, these are by far the best cold weather gloves i’ve tried on. In the temperature down to 30 F, they will make sure your hands are dry and warm. The feel and fit are excellent, thanks to the inner insulation layer. And most of the experts’ reviews state, that these are very durable if used attentively. Material for wiping your nose makes it even better in terms of comfortableness. These are obviously one of the best pair of gloves for ice fishing.

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Frabill FXE Gauntlet Glove

Designed especially for ice fishermen, these are the perfect for anyone shopping for durable, waterproof and super warm pair of the gloves. It’s SnoCore  breathable insulation will keep your hands dry, warm and fresh. If your fingers and fingertips freeze easily, or you just need the best extreme cold weather gloves, these are the way to go. With their 3 layer waterproof protection, these will defend your hands from any kind of cold – wind, water, ice, or snow. It has built in nose wipe pad and adjustable strap for extra comfort. To sum up, considering price, materials and quality, these are the best ice fishing gloves for extremely cold weather.

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