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Getting right equipment for cutting holes through ice is very important. Even though they can’t catch fish for you, they are essential if you want to have successful ice fishing experience.

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Choosing right ice augers for you is not an easy task. Some people prefer to have hand augers, which are cheap, portable and have great value. While others prefer buying gas ( propane ) powered ice fishing augers, which are way more expensive, but comfortable and require less work. With this article, i want to review best hand augers, alongside with its battery and gas powered alternatives. First, i want to clarify what are differences between these types listed above :



The most basic ice fishing augers on the market. Their design is so simple and straightforward that they require way less money to be built compared to their electric and gas powered alternatives. But even though hand augers cost one tenth of powered version’s price, they have plenty advantages over them. First of all, these weigh way less and can be carried by hand or pocket, so it’s easier to transport them. Second, they don’t require neither charging nor gas to operate. But you need your own energy instead, so this can be both – advantage and disadvantage. On the other hand, hand ice augers are usually designed to require less energy and don’t make you tired. I would recommend getting these if you are beginner or amateur ice fisherman. If you fish more frequently, i recommend paying more to get high quality gas or electricity powered ice auger.


Either you want to automate the process of drilling or you own gas powered auger and decided to switch to electric version, you can’t go wrong. Unlike it’s gas powered alternative, electric ice augers don’t have starting problems and don’t require gas to work. Even though they need to be charged as well, best electric ice augers come with few batteries which can last several days, even months without recharging. And if you are so unlucky that your batteries out of power, you can still carry extra batteries or have power bank in your car, so you can recharge them anytime. I would recommend taking good care of batteries, because they might not work or work poorly if frozen. To sum up, even though they are pricey, electric ice augers are perfect for anyone, especially seniors and kids – because it drills automatically with minimal costs of your energy, it’s lightweight and totally safe to use.


These are much like the Electric ones, with just a few differences. First of all, they cost less. Everything i said above about electric ice augers are true, they are easier to start and run on batteries, but these features come with a price. Usually good electric augers are few hundred bucks more expensive so it’s up to you whether you want to pay for these features or not. Running on propane, (mostly) some products are usually hard or impossible to start, or require few pulls to get started. But below in this article, we’ve reviewed best gas powered ice augers for you, which won’t have that problem. Obviously, gas powered ice augers are not the best you can get, but they have great value – if you don’t want to spend extra few hundred bucks on electric version, with Gas Powered Ice Augers, you will get what you pay for.

now as we’ve discussed each type of ice augers, here are the reviews of top 6 products in this market.



If you struggle drilling thick ice using hand auger, Eskimo Quantum’s 8000 RPM Viper engine might come useful to perform tasks like that. According to the customer reviews, unlike most other products, this gas powered ice auger does not struggle to start in extreme cold weather. Customers also state, that these are durable and can be used for several ice fishing seasons, as it’s blades stay sharp for a long time, and even when they get rusty, they can be replaced anytime. Being made by Eskimo, famous ice fishing gear brand, this product is the most popular gas powered ice fishing auger on the market.

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xtremepowerus-v-type-55cc-2-stroke-gas-ice-post-hole-digger-w8-ice-auger-bit-0XTREMEPOWERUS GAS ICE AUGER

Even though it’s priced cheaper than most propane powered ice fishing augers, this auger can be perfect for anyone looking for decent upgrade from hand held ice auger for affordable price. Quick to start, quiet and fast drilling – all these features makes Xtremepower’s auger popular amongst ice fishing amateurs. Being able to drill as deep as 3 ft, using this ice auger can be real time and energy saver for former hand ice auger users. And according the customer reviews, problem that most gas powered ice augers usually have – not being able to start in cold weather – is not present either. To sum up, this gas powered ice auger can be a real bargain for the money. It costs quite more than hand ice augers, but the comfort is worth the money.

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electric ice augerION 40V MAX ELECTRIC ICE AUGER

The reasons why electric ice augers are initially different than gas powered ones can be found in this article above, but this particular product has features that differs it from other electric augers. And in some aspects, this auger is very similar to hand augers. For example : constructed as lightweight as 21 pounds, this auger can be lighter than most of the hand ice augers and this particular product can only drill holes 8 inches in diameter, and 46 inches deep. Auger’s basic length is 34 inches, but 12 inches extension comes with package. Even though it’s more pricey compared to gas powered ones listed above, in my opinion, features such as instant start and renewable batteries are worth it. According to this electric ice auger’s review, batteries last several ice fishing trips. But it’s recommended to refill them before every time departure, or carry replacement batteries which are available to buy separately.

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Even though it’s priced roughly like gas powered auger, this auger has plenty of features that will improve your ice fishing experience. First of all, instead of pulling it over and over, it comes with easy flip switch which instantly gets the auger working. And it works fast and efficiently. Sharp blades, made of stainless steel, last several ice fishing seasons. In case they get rusty, they can be replaced or sharpened. Blade guards are also available, and i would recommend using them to keep blades like new. Batteries last long, but in case they are running low – they can be charged 3 ways : basic wall charger, through the car, and by plugging to cigarette lighter. But considering the lower price, this auger has disadvantages as well. First of all, it’s somehow heavy – 29 lbs. And ice fishing auger reviews state, that this product works slower than gas augers. But considering these are quiet and does not fume, i think this is the best electric ice auger for the money.

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